5 students work together on laptops in the SouthWest Library/Media Center.Academics at South West

South West provides students with a rigorous academic education in a safe and supportive environment. Our curriculum is aligned with the Massachusetts Common Core State Standards. Our core academic curriculum includes the following subjects:

  • English Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Reading Skills

  • Science

  • Social Studies

South West students also explore a variety of other fields and interests through enriching, non-core offerings, including:

  • Art

  • Band

  • Health

  • Music

  • Physical Education

  • Media

  • Technology Education

  • World Language (Spanish)

Support Services

We are dedicated to supporting the academic and emotional well-being of all our students:

  • English Language Learners (ELL): Our ELL education program focuses on developing language proficiency, cultural understanding, and academic skills, ensuring that all students can fully participate and succeed in their educational journey.

  • Special Education: Our special education department provides individualized support and accommodations for students with diverse learning needs.

  • Counseling Services: School counselors are available to provide academic and personal guidance to students.