5th Grade Supply Lists for 2023-2024

5th Grade Supply Lists for 2023-2024
Posted on 08/15/2023
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Material Lists for 5th Grade South~West Students 2023-2024

All students will receive their Chromebook the first week of school. If a student would like to come in prior to the start of school they can email Ms. Mitchell: [email protected].

All students should have earbuds/headphones as well as a lock for their locker. Keeping students organized is the key to success so each student will receive a School Agenda Book during the first week of school. This is also why we assign a color to each subject. Tissues sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are always welcome as a donation for your child’s classroom. Thank you.

Homeroom/General Supplies:

  • Take home folder (with pockets)

  • Combination or key lock (please practice ahead of time!)

  • Pack of pencils (at least 5)

  • Noise-canceling headphones

ELA (Purple)

All materials are linked to Amazon, but can also be purchased from the Dollar Tree or other retail stores.

Math (Red)

  • Red Binder

  • Pack of Pencils

  • Loose leaf lined paper

  • Highlighters

Science (Green)

  • Two Pocket Green Folder

  • Composition notebook

  • Pencils

Social Studies (Blue)

  • Two pocket folder

  • One Subject Notebook