About Our School

About South~West Middle School

South~West Middle School is a fifth through eighth grade middle school. Built in 2019, the school is located in southwest Quincy. Today, South~ Middle School provides quality education to an energetic, culturally diverse population. The school is a partnership of students, parents, staff, business, and community dedicated to creating a comprehensive educational experience of the highest quality, nurtured within an atmosphere of high expectations, mutual respect, and commitment to excellence.

Message from the Principal of South~West:

South~West Middle School is fortunate to have a dedicated and caring staff. We share a vision with our empowered student body that focuses on a safe and friendly atmosphere conducive to achievement. We are a community of life long learners that are proud of our school. We look forward to building on our rich tradition and our opportunity to share it with you. Please visit us at South~West Middle School.

Principal: John Franceschini, 617-984-8729

Assistant Principal: Susan Foley, 617-984-8729