Student of The Month and Class Officers




Congratulations to:

Date: 11/21/2019

Grade 5:

  • Altia Caka-Very hardworking. A tremendous help in the classroom and kind to everyone
  • Kelly Li-Always being focused and on task. Kelly is so polite and kind to everyone.
  • Ja'rron Thompson-Having an awesome start at South~West! The 5th grade is so excited to have you!

Grade 6:

  • Michael Merrick-For being so generous by bringing in lots of canned goods for the food drive
  • Michael Lomano-For being a model student by consistently being respectful, responsible and ready!
  • Brendan Bennett-Great job on last math quiz, 100% and excellent participation
  • Makayla Cadet-For her dedication to South West middle school. Going above and beyond and excellent attendance.
  • Ben Aranoff-Working so hard in all his classes and always being kind and making others feel welcome
  • Shua Goa-coming into class and starting his morning work right away. Miss Baker is very proud of you
  • To the entire Thursday Library / Media class-Fantastic job cooperating and teaching each other how to use Google slides!

Grade 7:

  • Fiona Ly-For being so considerate.
  • Carolina Gomes & Rachel DaSilva-For making the varsity volleyball team
  • Aidan Cronin-For the amazing spiral pass!
  • Michael Varela-For working hard and doing awesome on the last ELA test.

Grade 8:

  • Tran McHugh-So respectful and mature at lunch, stepping up to clean when it needs to be done
  • Tahmyl Mitchell & Liam Foley-For learning all about the kiln in art and getting it set up. We would not have a pottery area without your help!
  • Tahmyl, Liam, David Li, Ray Marcial, Keira McCann, Snea Rhana, Izabella Jorge, Ruben Santana-They worked so hard one on one with Mrs. Bryson's class helping the students start the process of making their clay reindeers. Ms. McDonough and Ms. Becam are so appreciative
  • John Henson==Being so brave and trying ice skating on the field trip. With Mrs. Bryson's help, he skated around 3 times and did such a great job!